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Visible From Freaking Space!

I will take a moment and quote the excited, but tamed, email from The Evil Genius (who’s creations made this possible).

This image is from around 4 AM on Saturday, more or less and it may be picking up the plethora of lights in the middle of nowhere.  (This is an RGB/visible light image with the SLC Metro area clearly visible.)

Light Cannons from Space

Light Cannons from Space

Visible from freaking SPACE!

Visible from freaking SPACE!

In that little red square is a tiny, fuzzy dot of light…That is (partially) us!

There is a LOT of light at these festivals, we are the brightest single points, and if we pointed them straight up? …well, this might look a bit different (we’ll have to try that).

We’ll write more about this Event shortly…I just wanted to write this because to me? It’s simply damn cool!


And one final image…THIS is what we do with these Light Cannons…let the winds and smoke make the Art.

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I’ve posted additional details on my Professional Site. Enjoy!

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