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Update – Boondocking at Miner’s Canyon, Utah

An interesting turn. Wind…a LOT of wind.

We are very familiar with wind, especially in the desert. And we’re also comfortable with blowing dust (that Burner thing again). Even though we haven’t attended That Thing In The Desert (TTITD), a surprising number of the Regional Burns are held in “Playa”s: wide, flat expanses of desert and dust where the wind and weather can gather might–releasing raw power and chaos onto the attendees.

Our beloved “Grand Oppression Palace” (GOP) had not been properly christened before coming to Miner’s Canyon. That has now changed; dust is everywhere! 40-60 mph gusts rock us. I’ve had to take down our various Shade Sails (DAMN handy to have, btw!) and just go into Condition Alpha.

Update - Boondocking at Miner's Canyon, Utah - Condition Alpha

Update – Boondocking at Miner’s Canyon, Utah – Condition Alpha

Wind Gusts (MPH)

Shade Sails and Boondocking

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Why shade sails when you have awnings? Well, Wind! And flexibility/versatility! Get some (good) paracord, a few rebar stakes (or trees), some light-duty carabiners and you have shade anywhere and any time you want it! Seriously, if you don’t have them, GET THEM!

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Time to Move

We’ve been here for a week. It’s been nice, but it is time to move.

Temperatures have been above average from warm to downright hot. At night, it cools down to a very pleasant sleeping temperature, and the wind calms. So we have no real complaints because the bugs haven’t been too bad and that was our biggest worry.


If you don’t like dust, you WILL NOT LIKE IT HERE! (I have the controversial opinion that if dust bothers you, you probably should never boondock in the West/South West).

Scouting for Altitude and Cell Coverage

Due to some commitments, we have to stick around the greater Salt Lake City’ish area for the next week. Today I’m going to do some scouting (I really need a drone!) for higher altitudes with some Cellular Coverage. Julie has to work and I’ve got two contracts running simultaneously.


Next weekend we’re heading to a Regional Burn in southern Nevada called SNRG where I’ll be doing some Rangering and Sandman duties. This is at a place called Spicer Ranch, of which I know little. But no worries! Resources abound! And it will certainly produce some interesting posts and a Podcast!

Enjoy, Travel Safe, Take care of your tires and have fun!


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