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The Apartment

Almost one year ago…

…we gave away nearly everything we owned, moved out of our house in Utah and into a Grand Design Momentum 350M 5th-Wheel and began living this Full-Time mobile life. Neither of us regret a second of the experience. It has been expensive, frustrating, joyful, tedious, awe-inspiring, and completely liberating!

The first two months were spent in the “Yard” of my brother’s workplace, installing a 1,622 watt solar array, with 400 Amp Hours of LiFePO4 battery storage, allowing us to Boondocking is camping where there are no hookups, usually on primitive land for free or little cost.Boondock with minimal generator use and the ability to stay in the middle of nowhere for extended periods of time.

Then Life Happened

Julie and I were fortunate enough to have Remote jobs which allowed us to work anywhere, so long as we had a connection to the Internet. In June, while we were in Nevada, however, she lost that job. At the time, I was knee deep in contracts, so she took some much needed time to regroup and recover, deciding what to do next, since this meant she would have to make a pretty drastic career change.

A couple of months later, with my contracts rolling to an end, and summer vacations (especially in Europe, where vacations last a month) delayed the process of landing new contracts, Julie began hunting for a new job in a field that wouldn’t require human sacrifice.

She found one she could not afford to pass up, but it came at a cost.


Julie’s job acceptance happened quickly…very quickly! One week we were in Heber, Utah and the next we were in Denver, Colorado.

Those of you who have looked for RV Parks in the Denver area know the pain of finding a good, long-term spot. They just don’t really come up often! The entire Denver area lacks quality RV Parks. And the few that exist are very difficult to get into for any length of time! We were debating whether or not to use the “Grand Oppression Palace” as our home, or rent an appartment for a year or so (we still pay a mortgage on our house in Utah and are paying this thing off, along with the truck!), so buying another house isn’t really an option yet.

Winters in Denver are not RV friendly. The RV Parks are VERY expensive. Adding the costs of heating throughout the winter make Full-Timing not all that feasible when compared to renting an average house or apartment. Then there’s the housing situation here. It’s filled with An Applicant pays $X (from $50 – $150+) just to fill out an application! Then the Applicant must go through the approval process with no guarantees and no chance of a refund if the application is refused. Multiply that by each application you submit! Yep…a total scam!Application Scams, very few properties we wanted to even consider, and a very competitive field.

We decided to move into an apartment, close to some friends we have here, and managed to get through the process unscathed.

Moving Day

So, this Wednesday, we are moving from our home for the last year and into that apartment. The GOP will go into storage (another long story) , and we start buying replacements for all the things we gave away (we’re not too upset about that). We’ve learned how to live a “Minimalist” life, and that suits us! Julie has a good job and I’m in the process of either collecting new contracts or going “Full-Time/Permanent” again.

Luckily, Denver is full of jobs in my field that pay well! Not as good as Contract work, but that’s okay…I’m expensive. A small pay-cut will not hurt us.

It’s just another transition in a lifetime of transitions; a chance to begin another adventure, full of new experiences! And it gives us the opportunity to re-focus this Site on the things that we created it for — “Odd Realities”. Though it’s gained a lot of traffic and followers from the Full-Time Community (for which we are VERY grateful!). And we do have the GOP! We’ll use it, a lot! Colorado is beautiful and full of adventure, places to see and experience that are not commonly documented.

So, stick with us. We’ll be here.

Thank you!


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