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Springville KOA

1550 N 1750 W Springville, Ut 84663


Several laundry and shower rooms, located throughout the park, each building has 3 washers and 3 dryers. Pool, an area to rent for parties, cabins to rent, and a small area for tents. 50 amp power. Cable. Full HU’s


Would We Stay Again? Only if we had to, or if we had a lttle too much wine.

Springville KOA

Springville KOA is in a great location, right off the feeway, close to stores, restaurants. Walking distance to the liquor store, a convenience store and a cafe restaurant. Restaurants are a few minutes drive away. Freeway entrance is easy to access and a grocery store is the next freeway exit up. A mall is the next freeway exit in the other direction. I really wanted to love this place.

The KOA is an older park, it is well maintained, but the roads are very narrow. We reserved a large rig site, our rig is 39 feet. We barely fit in the spot and our truck did not fit in our site either in front or behind or beside our rig. There was only a few spots of overflow parking available at the front of the park and in the week that we were there, only once saw an open spot in the overflow parking. We parked in front of our rig and tried to park off of the lawn as best we could. We received a nasty note the first day letting us know we were on the lawn and that we would be kicked out if we continued to park there. This upset me, I felt like they could at least talk to us as we were obviously there, our truck was there. We continued parking there and did not recieve another one, but I worried about it the whole time. So not relaxing!I I tried several times to go to the office to ask about it, but no one was in the office, there was a note on the door saying they were out and about in the park. I didn’t see them out and about, so I just gave up and hoped we didn’t get another one.

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The spots had a patch of grass, each site had the neighbors sewer lines by your site, not the every other facing sites. Our site did not have a picnic table available. Some did and some didn’t. I assumed as they broke they were not replaced, but maybe it was just taken by someone else. I don’t know, I went for walks daily, and noticed several other spots did not have tables either. Did not notice any with more than one. The only time I saw the office staff was check in, they were ok, I tried several times throughout the stay to talk to them about the notice we received and wasn’t able to find them in, so I can’t comment on whether they would have done anything. I wanted to like this place. I really did. Collin even told me the last evening we were there, “you need to go out, enjoy the outside like you do at all of the campsites” So I got my chair, my glass of wine, got the kitties on their leashes and went out to enjoy the evening with my kindle. Within 45 minutes I was running inside with tons of itchy bites on my feet and lower legs from all the bugs from the grass. So, I really tried. This place just did not meet any of my expectations. It is close to home base so we may have to stay here if nothing else is available, but it will be my last choice.

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