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Charging Hardware on our Grand Design Momentum 350M

Starting the Charging Hardware placement. These will go into the generator compartment on our custom rack.This will allow us to have them stable and do all the wiring before install. Also easy removal and upgrades if required.

Still not determined…

Where we are putting the Inverter and the BIG breaker box. Plan is to put them in the basement (right next to the batteries and their custom rack)–a LOT more room to work!. But we may just stick them to a wall in the generator compartment.

Another piece is the networking. I’ve got a couple 100′ CAT 7 cables (overkill, I know, but *everything* on my wired network is CAT 7) that will run to my Switches and Routers.

The Network

I’ve got my network finally stabilized…a Wireless/Ethernet Bridge connected to my various mobile networks. Those are connected to a separate wireless router, which is connected to a couple of wired routers. With those I’ve got fully wired connections to the NAS, computers, etc. The Amazon Alexa is also set up and I’ll wire up the Phillips Hue lights when I get home.

Now for a quick work trip to California.

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