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There’s an Eclipse happening on Monday! And if you’re in the right place? Well, you can get some really cool pictures of it!

I’m not an “Astro-Photographer”…not from lack of trying! I simply don’t have all of the equipment (yet). But that shouldn’t stop anyone from using the gear they have from shooting the events that happen in our skies. This can be done with some pretty simple setups.

For example, I’ve had pretty damn expensive equipment in the past. I’ve carried around bags of lenses and gear, spent hours setting up for shoots, gotten paid for my work! Hell, I was even a Reluctant “Professional” photographer for an International Outdoor magazine for a while (good gig!). But now? I travel a lot and simply do not want to carry all of that around! I don’t want to have it stolen, or damaged, or worse…and since I love shooting in weather, I also don’t like swapping lenses in the middle of a Typhoon (true story!).

So I carry this…

…a not so simple “Point and Shoot”. Yes, it’s pricey, but it sure as hell beats tens of thousands of dollars! And you don’t even need that. You can still do amazing things with most of the “Mirrorless” setups today, or the DSLR rigs, and even the newer Point and Shoots or your Cell Phone!

My point?

In “light” of the Eclipse, Reddit users have put together some very useful tips on photographing this beast! Since they don’t happen (in convenient places) very often and last for only a few seconds (photographically speaking) it’s important to get it right the first time…even if you’re firing off at maximum speed and filling your buffers with mad abandon!

Reddit offered a very useful collection of “shooting guides” for the Eclipse. Read them, use them, and let’s see what you come up with! I can tell you from experience, they even work when you’re shooting through a big 6″ telescope, catching 1/3 of the sun, reframing (quickly) shooting, repeating as fast as you can to get a complete picture while totality remains!

And please enjoy some of the pictures I’ve taken of past Eclipses, comets, sunrises, and the Transit of Venus!

Just don’t look at it with the naked eye…I hear that sucks.

Photographing the Eclipse

A collection of Pro resources for shooting the upcoming Eclipse, as compiled by Reddit user io-io

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