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Visible From Freaking Space!

I will take a moment and quote the excited, but tamed, email from The Evil Genius (who’s creations made this possible).

This image is from around 4 AM on Saturday, more or less and it may be picking up the plethora of lights in the middle of nowhere.  (This is an RGB/visible light image with the SLC Metro area clearly visible.)

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Archview RV Resort Review

Archview RV Resort 13701 US 191- Moab, Utah | 435-259-7854     Dates - 4/30-5/4/2017 Amenities available- 50 amp power, water , sewer, laundry, showers, playgrounds, dog runs, small store, good cell phone service, spotty internet Site # 79, Site # 75, Site # 70 Site...

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Working A BURN

A “Burn” is the hellfire child of the Mother of All Burns: Burning Man – That Thing In The Desert (TTITD). A yearly gathering (during the Labor Day weekend, currently in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada) of more than 70,000 people, artists, partiers, hippies, “Alt” culture mavens, divas and the simply curious. Black Rock City is built from nothing, much of it burns to the ground in an orgy of sound and fire, then is cleaned up. Since it’s a policy for all Burns to be “Leave No Trace” events…the goal is to never even be able to tell anything even happened once the smoke has cleared.

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