The Odd Realities Map!

Where we’ve been, will be going and broken down by each “Reality” – in map form. There are several layers to this map (explained below), and it will expand quite a bit over time. At the bottom of the page I’ve included a Legend (or Key) in case you need help with the layers or interpretation of what the Odd Realities Map is showing you.

Layers of Reality

Since this is not a site dedicated to “full-time RV” adventures, there are other points of interest included, all relating to the themes of “Odd Realities”. You will see a lot of Paranormal sites, since we are both Ghost Hunters (varying philosophies here…Julie is into it for one set of reasons, I am into it for another and we combine those to form something unique), but believe me, ghosts will not be the sole focus (click that link for a rather…volatile experience we had at a well-known haunt)!

An Evolving Odd Realities Map

Right now, it’s a bit sparse since Julie and I both decided to begin only with our adventures since obtaining our Grand Design Momentum 350M.


The Layers of OuR Map

If you don't own a GPS, or just don't find it useful? May we suggest the one we use! And it is Basecamp compatible!

Need Boondocking Resources?

The "ever-evolving" Boondocking Resources page!

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