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Mr. Grip – Review

Nope. I’m not getting paid for this review (unless you click on the link and buy some…which I recommend!).

Mr. Grip is something that became an essential  tool during our recent Solar Install. Why? Very simple…it is so, so easy to strip screws in all of the wood surfaces on these RVs (I’ve rebuilt a LOT of them!) and Mr. Grip is the answer I’d always wanted and emulated.

What is Mr. Grip?

The short answer — thin strips of sharp metal that resemble one of those micro-shredders you use on cheese. You cut them to the appropriate size, form them to the rough size of the hole you’re putting your screw into (hmmm…sounds kinky) and then just screw it!

Pro Tip: I always squirt a bit of Gorilla Glue into the hole after inserting Mr. Grip, before I screw it! Adds another layer of “grab-and-hold”.

Illustration: How to screw with Mr. Grip.

Illustration: How to screw with Mr. Grip.

The Summary

Yes, it requires a bit more time and effort. But as we all know, things tearing out of the wall, roof (solar panels becoming solar sails anyone?)–anything, anywhere!  Is a bad, bad thing. So it’s worth the ounce of prevention.

I did use these to install our solar panels and I can tell you they are holding solid! These can also be a bit difficult to find at local stores (we found some at Home Depot), so it’s a good idea to just have some ready when you need them!

Once you get the hang of using them, they’re fast and easy. Plus they give you an excuse to use up that Gorilla Glue before it goes bad!

Get them, use them!

Grab Yourself Some Mr. Grip Today!

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