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Miner’s Canyon, Utah

We’re boondocking this week at Miner’s Canyon, Utah. It’s a bit hot and dusty (we kinda like that environment).

GPS: 40.1991737045306, -111.886204630136

Miner's Canyon, Utah

Miner’s Canyon, Utah


Boondocking at Miner’s Canyon – BLM Land

Since we’ve got 1,622 watts of solar on board, we don’t need to rely on the generator much. Sure, just at sundown we’ll close everything up and run the AC’s for an hour or so just to cool things off so sleeping is a bit more comfortable.
Night time temps are VERY nice! We run a couple of fans that sip power (450 mA – running full out!) and dip down to about 70% of our battery reserve (which we fully charge before noon). Then we’ve got power to burn, so EVERYTHING is charging and the BIG fans come out and run full blast…while the solar keeps everything at 100% (seriously, even with all the computers and other things running, we can’t use if fast enough!).

Remote Working Conditions – Verizion LTE and AT&T

Boondocking smartphone

Since the wife and I are remote workers, Cell Signal is crucial. We’ve got good Verizon and AT&T without the booster or antennas.

Nice place. Just don’t camp close to the lake! We’re about 3/4 of a mile up. Get too close and the bugs will getcha. This far out they aren’t too bad!


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