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(Long Time, No See)

I know, I know…we’ve been gone for a long time. But we are still here, plotting and planning, living and working. Making plans, making moves.

The Mercur Cemetery...and our "Light Cannons!"

The Mercur Cemetery…and our “Light Cannons!”

But Seriously…What’s Going On?

That’s a damn fine question!

  • The Grand Oppression Palace is quietly sleeping it’s winter away
  • Julie and I are going to work each day, and adapting to life in the anchored world
  • We’re planning things, but none of them really have much to do (directly) with this Site.

However, in the long term, these plans all fold into things this site is about…so it’s quiet now, but it won’t always be. I’ll work on making it a bit more active. Hopefully, less LTNS!

That’s it for now…

This Site is very active as it stands…so all is well. People come in, find things they need, go about their business. This is important! In the semi-near future, our lives will orbit back into phase with what this Site is about and we’ll go back into active mode (again, less LTNS!).


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