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The INSANE Grand Design 350M Solar Install – PT 1

Reverse Engineering

We are going full-time in a 2017 Grand Design Momentum 350 with the intention of spending a majority of that time boondocking. So naturally we’re installing solar. But we’re not going to be using solar power to produce a couple of hundred watts, ohhhhh no…we’re going BIG and flexible, expandable!

1600+ watts in 6 panels with 400Ah LiFeP04 storage…and a lot of equipment in between.

solar-rv Grand Design Momentum 350M

Wait…where’s the introduction?

Ahhh…you want to know all of the equipment, background, etc.

That’s coming. For now I’m just laying out what we’re doing, why, and the plan.

In part 2 I’ll lay out the design — how we reverse engineered our way from Roof to the end-point in the generator compartment, and what we did to get there! It was interesting and worth the delays (the time was also spent waiting for the last of the equipment to arrive).

The install. Part 3 will cover all of it with lots of video, lots of audio and probably a fair amount of swearing.

Part 4 would be the final, with notes, parts lists and suppliers (though the bulk of this came from one trusted source with great prices who we’ve worked with for a few years).

Everything after that will be updates…and hopefully they will be favorable — there are always bugs in the system, tweaks. And I will be creating a portal/gateway so I can integrate this into some form of website/IoT functions.


What? Why are we doing this? Why 1,600 watts? “You could just drop a couple of small panels on there and be fine, right?”


Julie and I both work remotely. I have a fair amount of equipment (computer, audio, etc.) that runs. And we do not want to run the generator all of the time. We also have 2 cats on-board, so if we step out for a couple of hours, this needs to run an air conditioner long enough to keep them cool during the summer and keep them warm in the winter. Also, it has to power some of our security equipment all of the time.

And, we do not want to rely on Shore power…that shit’s expensive! “Pay the money now, Save the money later”.

Finally, we’re kind of Techno-Hippy’ish.

So that’s it! The basics are here, on screen.

Start the questions if you have them!


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