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Installing Solar Panels on a Grand Design Momentum 350M

Here’s a good question…

“What the HELL is taking you guys so long???”

I’ll explain (quickly!)

  1. We’re doing all of this “after work” (mostly on my brother’s schedule, since mine is so flexible…I can literally drop anything and go!)
  2. Utah weather in Spring! Ahhh…the joy! Almost summer, then 5 minutes later we have fresh powder for a good shred on the Diamonds.
  3. All of this is being figured out, faked until we make, fabricated and tweaked as we go along…carefully!
  4. Safety, performance, weight control, and efficiency (of the system…not us…obviously!) are the key considerations!

The result?

Right now, with 3 panels, we have the capability of generating about 810 watts!

We now have a total of 3 panels on the roof! We’ve also managed to streamline the install process for a single panel down to about 45 minutes (WooHoo! – Seriously…that’s a big deal since all of the brackets are underĀ the damn panels! And there’s Demon Semen everywhere!.) We also figured out a way to get the 6th panel onto the roof AND leave room for that 3rd A/C unit! This means another quick email to our friend who’s welding up all of our aluminum racks (dig it! Custom aluminum racks everywhere!. He’s built 2 for me so far (battery rack and equipment rack…you’ll see them soon)–at a cost of only $170!

Last night we shot a lot of video of the actual panel install…minus the secret step (which is putting Gaffer Tape over the Demon Semen…we finally figured that out AFTER we shot the video…saves a LOT of time and mess.). So, I’ll start working on that also…it’s going to be a long video (at least 45 minutes…sorry; I’ll try to break it up.)

Now, of course, we have at least 2 days of crap weather moving in with high winds. So all of this is coming to a screeching halt. We’ll move to installing components on the rack instead (we call it the “Upside-down Utah rack”; that’s what it looks like.). Video of that process will be shot as well.

And, lastly, I may have an emergency work trip next week. That’ll slow things down even more…

Grand Design Momentum 350M Solar Install
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