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Episode 2 – Why We Did What We’ve Done

Full-Time living in a Recreational Vehicle. #FulltimeRV (for the hashtaggers among us). It’s a very, very Odd Reality. Some people get it, A LOT of people dream about doing it!

But there are many who just don’t understand and view us (and people living this lifestyle) with a bit of pity and some disdain.

  • Oh, you’re Trailer Trash!
  • So, you like living in Walmart parking lots?
  • Hmmm, you must have lost your house and can’t hold down a real job…you poor bastards!
  • Get off my lawn!

Julie and I field the questions, file them, and issue basic answers…or get involved in real conversations about it–actually working to change perceptions, gently.

Talking To The Kids

When we made our decision to go #fulltimerv, it was fast–it was sudden and furious! We bought the truck and the 5th Wheel the same week, new, off the lot! A month later we were moved in and slowly sifting through the few possessions we’d decided to keep. The rest we’d essentially given away to family and friends.

That is why, in Episode 2, we are discussing with my daughter and her fiance (husband in just a few weeks!) “Why We Did What We Have Done“.

We promise, we’ll get off the topics of Solar Power, RVs, Batteries, etc. for a while after this episode…get back down to some of the other topics. But this is our reality now, so it’s a cornerstone of our existence.

If you’re curious, take a listen! Episode 2 is a pretty personal session for all of us. The tone is somewhat serious and low-key (not what we will normally present).

Regardless, enjoy!

Odd Realities Podcast Episode 2-Why We Did What We Have Done

by Odd Realities | Odd Realities Podcast

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