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EVPs and Haunted Bathrooms

This is an ADULT podcast containing adult language, situations and general smart assery. All episodes will contain these…and probably worse.


This is our premier episode of the Odd Realities Podcast. We decided to go with the Paranormal category, because we enjoy ghost hunting (it’s one of Julie’s favorites!). Featured audio is from an investigation from February back in 2013. During that Hunt we had one of the craziest hours…ever…during an investigation.

And it was all taking place in a beat-down, basement bathroom. Yep, a bathroom!

Episode 1-Salt Lake City Union Pacific Depot

Lockers were banging around, smart asses popped on the Spirit Box (not my own favorite tool), and surprise EVPs were captured.

Good times!

Now for the unfortunate bit.

I’m not a neewb on the podcasting front, but I did make some serious rookie mistakes while recording this episode…so the audio quality is not great. This has been fixed for future episodes! But…that’s why this was delayed in launch.

You will need to have the volume a bit on the “high” side…just be careful with high volume.

That said, just download it and enjoy!

Odd Realities Podcast Episode 2-Why We Did What We Have Done

by Odd Realities | Odd Realities Podcast

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