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One of the main reasons we’re doing this Nomad thing is to see and experience the beautiful things our Nation has to offer. As a kid, both of us traveled, by car (mostly) around the country and camped. It’s a common thread for us and holds some pretty cool memories. We went to different places, saw different things, so we’re sharing those memories with each other.

We also come from a “Leave No Trace” background (we’re Burners! …sort of…more on that in the future.), so Boondocking comes naturally!

What is Boondocking?

Good question. Boondocking is “Dry Camping”. Camping without hookups. You bring your own water, your own electricity, store your waste, garbage, pack out everything you bring in (plus the garbage people leave behind).

Enough! Give me the links!

Okay! Okay! Look to the little sidebar here and you’ll see the Basic Links I’ve rounded up for Boondocking resources.

These are the links that will get you started! There is a lot more to learn, and we’ll talk a lot about that as we go…because dragging a giant 5th wheel into boondocking sites is a new thing for both of us! (I’m used to boondocking and very familiar with it, but this aspect is new and requires a few, um, extra considerations.)

See where we've been and some of the Odd we encounter!

Boondocking, Campsites, Burns,'s all there!

Resources on Facebook

Several of the sites I've listed have active Facebook pages. These, cross listed with the web sites, can yield a LOT of information (GPS coordinates, Cell signal strength ratings, etc.).

Boondocking on Instagram

Believe it or not there are a lot of really good Boondocking and Full-Time RV oriented folks on Instagram. I'll dig around and get a bunch for you, but here are a few to start with.

Note! - Some of these may be NSFW! I like many different things and so does everyone, and Instagram is a perfect medium for diversity and individuality.

Boondocking Blogs

This is a tough one, and it's all up to us in judgement; so it's gonna fill up slowly. Here's the first!

Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site!

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