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Yes, Instagram.

I know, this seems a little odd, but once you see it, things will make sense. We all want to see the places and hear about them at the same time, and a lot of us use Instagram, so I created a section dedicated to a few of the accounts I enjoy that are related to Boondocking!

Note!: Some of these account may contain adult-oriented material!

The Nature of The Beast

As we are all aware, not all IG accounts are dedicated to a single topic. So they’ll wander! But, to me, that’s what makes them so fun!

There is one account, however, that is a Goldmine!

    • I’ve provide information about the man behind it and his account on the Boondocking Resources page. He is VERY accessible and patient.  It is my intention to interview him for an upcoming Podcast episode!

Enough said! Please, take some time and take a look at our Boondocking Resources page! It is one of the pages I am always working on!

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