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The Abandoned Mine Shaft and SCIENCE!


That said, there we were, cruising through the desert. The area is full of deserted mines, most of them covered and sealed off (but a few are not…I have known people unfortunate enough to find those hidden shafts and die horribly).

So what’s our first instinct? SCIENCE! In glorious 4K!


The town of Mercur has a very troubled past and is now completely inaccessible. TheĀ graveyard, however, is completely accessible and is a well known haunt! It was one of the first locations Julie and I conducted a formal ghost hunt with some damn strange results. It’s also the reason I carry a weapon when I “hunt” in the open (long story for another time).

We have several bits of evidence gathered from the area that will be included in later posts.

The Mines

To the north of Mercur’s graveyard is a series of structures and that is where you find some of the mines (sealed off). You DO have to be careful, there are still many that are not covered in the immediate area!

This is just a preview…

As I mentioned, we have a lot of material from Mercur that will be posted in the near future! It’s a tough place for ghost hunting (wind, environment, crowds, cranky occupants…etc.)


Another reason this area is a favorite? Boondocking! BLM land is king out there, so finding a campsite is easy. It will be crowded though. It’s a very popular area for off-road riding and general outdoor recreation.




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